Stolen Laptop Leads to Possible Healthcare Data Breach in KS

Valley Hope Association, a Kansas-based non-profit that provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment, recently announced a data security breach after a work-issued laptop containing patient information was stolen from an employee’s car on December 30, 2015.

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Healthcare underspends on cybersecurity as attacks accelerate

Healthcare providers are far behind other industries when it comes to protecting their data and the number of attacks is only expected to accelerate.

At an annual confab designed to celebrate the latest in technological innovation, a newly released survey offered a sobering take on healthcare’s flimsy defenses.

Healthcare providers are averaging less than 6% of their information technology budget expenditures on security, according to the survey from HIMSS Analytics, the research arm of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, and security firm Symantec.

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Who really hacked Sony?

Who really hacked Sony? Cybersecurity researchers say they finally know

A group they’ve dubbed “Lazarus Group” is well organized and tied to numerous other attacks on governments, banks, and military institutions in the US and South Korea since 2009.

More than a year after the devastating Sony Pictures hack, a trio of cybersecurity firms claim to have pinpointed the culprits behind the breach that rattled Hollywood and invigorated President Obama’s cybersecurity agenda.

The companies said in a report released Wednesday that an outfit it dubs “Lazarus Group,” which has carried out high-profile attacks on government agencies, militaries, and banks in the US and South Korea since 2009, is responsible for the Sony Pictures incursion in November 2014.

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