Virtual Reality Check: Managing the Internet of Things

The Protiviti View

Last year, at SAP’s giant Sapphire Now user conference in Orlando, the Internet of Things (IoT) was a hot topic. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard that term or have trouble distinguishing the IoT from the regular old Internet. New tech terms are proliferating as fast as, well… things on the Internet do.

Here’s the scoop. The regular old Internet connects people electronically, using computers or portable devices. The IoT is things connecting electronically to people, or other things. (Check out this terrific Internet of Things graphic.) We’re talking sensor data here – your electronic water meter, home monitoring devices, smart appliances, navigation apps, Fitbits, as well as industrial controls, robotic sensors, inventory control tags, and other industrial technology – all of which are transforming how we live and work. The interconnection of these embedded devices is expected to usher in a new era of automation, smart objects…

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