INFOGRAPHIC: The Future of Information Security


Which security trends concern CSOs

An interesting article on which security trends concern CSOs today.

Earlier this year, CISOs and CSOs that are members of Wisegate, an invitation-only, business-social-networking group comprised of CSOs and CISOs, took part in a webinar predicting the top IT security threats.  Called Hype or Reality, the webinar looked at topics including security and cloud computing, BYOD/BYOx, security awareness and counter-attacking hackers. read on…. 

ISC 2013

The 16th Information Security Conference (ISC 2013) will be held in Dallas, Texas from November 13-15. It will be organized by The University of Texas at Dallas. The conference time and place puts it immediately after GameSec 2013 in the same metroplex (Dallas-Fort Worth). This is a wonderful opportunity to attend two excellent security conferences in one trip!

The Information Security Conference (ISC) is an annual international conference covering research in theory and applications of Information Security. ISC aims to attract high quality papers in all technical aspects of information security. It was first initiated as a workshop in Japan in 1997 (ISW’97, LNCS 1396), Malaysia (ISW’99, LNCS 1729), and Australia (ISW’00, LNCS 1975), and then changed to the current name ISC when it was held in Spain in 2001 (ISC’01, LNCS 2200). Later conferences were held in Brazil (ISC’02, LNCS 2433), UK (ISC’03, LNCS 2851), USA (ISC’04, LNCS 3225), Singapore (ISC’05, LNCS 3650), Greece (ISC’06, LNCS 4176), Chile (ISC’07, LNCS 4779), Chinese Taipei (ISC’08, LNCS 5222), Italy (ISC’09, LNCS 5735), Florida USA (ISC’10, LNCS 6531), China (ISC’11, LNCS 7001), and Germany (ISC’12, LNCS 7483).

The conference seeks submissions from academia, industry, and government that present novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of Information Security. Accepted papers will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.