31 March : World BackUp day

On March 31, the Internet celebrates World BackUp day, which as per its name, celebrates the backing up of files from one’s computer.

http://www.worldbackupday.com asks the users to take this pledge

I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day – friends don’t let friends go without a backup.

The simple campaign actually makes a lot of sense. The reason being that users today are in a greater risk of losing all their digital data to a computer hack, hard drives crash, virus attacks and other incidents.

Even though a trusty external hard disk can do the job in most cases, we believe that backing up essential data online is a safer bet. And for this, the Internet offers a plethora of efficient services.

How do I backup? (Tips from the campaign site)

Backing up is easy. Once set up, your data should be backing up automatically. You just need to check every once in a while to make sure your backups actually work. There are three main types of backup solutions:


Every week, copy your most important files onto an external hard drive next to your desk, in your closet, or any other place where you can easily retrieve it.

You can even use Windows Backup (or Time Machine, if you have a Mac) to do this automatically!


Another automatic backup or an external hard drive that’s stashed at another location, such as a bank vault, friend’s house or even in a data center in another state. This protects your backup in case of theft, natural disaster or simple hardware failure.


Similar to an offsite backup, this involves simply installing a small app on your computer to instantly and automatically copy your files to the internet. This makes multiple copies of your files at various places around the world, making it hard to lose any of your files.

It’s super simple and done instantly – you barely need to do anything! However, your backups can be a little bit of a pain to retrieve though (it’s a lot of stuff you have to download!) so having this option in conjunction with one of the above is a good, secure plan.

Things to backup

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • iPod
  • Tablet
  • Other electronic devices
  • Photos and videos on social networks
  • and other online services.

Ways they can fail…and lose your data.

  • Theft
  • Hardware failure
  • Natural disaster
  • Alien invasion
  • Obsolete file formats
  • You forgot where you put it (really. it happens!)
Remember, always have a backup to back up your backup!

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